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Orchids Care


Plants should not be allowed to dry completely. Touch the potting media to check the moisture before watering. Water when almost dry, usually once every 7-10 days for  moss media. Be especially cautious of over watering. Drain out the excessive water after watering. 


With spike, using N-P-K (10-30-20) to promote flowering.  During blooming, stop feeding will let the flowers last longer.  After flowering, using N-P-K (20-20-20) every two weeks. (Mix fertilizer with water.)


Indirect sunlight. North or east side window indoor, or outdoor under protected shade with no direct sunlight.



  • Between 65°- 75° F.  

  • Avoid temperture below 55° F


While Blooming

No repotting or fertilizing while blooming

After Bloom Out

After flowers bloom out, cut spike near the base of the plant and place the plant in 70-80° F for 2-3 months with fertilizer N-P-K 20-20-20 every 2 weeks to maintain the health of plant. After 2-3 months, place plant in a cool condition with temperature of 60-70° F and apply fertilizer N-P-K 10-30-20 to encourage new spike emerging until 1st flwoer bloom  


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